Exhibition Stands > Fidelity Life & nib - National Advisors Conference 2018

Client: Fidelity Life & nib

Theme: "The Great Road Trip"

Venue: EEC - Rotorua

The Brief:
To create an interactive unique game around 'close up and personal' for the insurance market.

The Challenge:
Insurance brokers have played it all! To create something totally unexpected.

The Outcome:
The game was completely designed from scratch to take each player back to their childhood summers and road trips around New Zealand. Each player had 8 branded haki-sacs and a list of 6 destinations on their road trip. The idea was to land a haki-sac into a bucket on the town reflected on their road trip list on the giant map of NZ on the floor. The surrounding walls showed postcards and images reflecting the brands. The game caused much amusement and competition between the advisors and was difficult enough to keep them coming back for many tries.

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National Office +64 4 905 5404


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