About Cut the Mustard

About Cut the Mustard

What We Do

Cut the Mustard creates captivating and unique event environments that engage the senses, achieving immersive and memorable experiences.

We carefully consider the potential and possibilities of your event space, including how people relate to and perceive the space. We consider the physical relationships between design elements, the science and distribution of colour, light and texture, and the fine balance of creative conceptualisation versus practical and technical obligations.

Experience design and production is our specialty and we strive to excel and evolve with each new project. At Cut the Mustard, our name is also our measure, constantly inspiring us to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Based in the outskirts of Wellington, we take care of creative needs in the region, not to mention Auckland and all around New Zealand. We strive to create experiences that exceed expectation.

Creative Director

Lizz Santos

Cut the Mustard began life as a design company in December 2002.

Although originally she was drawn to large scale commercial interior design, Lizz soon felt the need to find more expressive ways to explore the different spaces that were being presented to her. Thus she expanded the company to include event and Christmas design soon afterwards.

Lizz’s interior and event design career has spanned over 25 years, working in both corporate and domestic sectors.

Her incredible and unwavering passion for manipulating space has led to her dynamic designs being seen in many venues throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Lizz was educated at Nottingham Trent University, England and graduated with a degree in 3Dimensional Design specialising in Theatre.

She went on to work in England, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Poland and the USA, designing for theatre TV, commercials, music videos and film before immigrating to New Zealand in 1999.

You can view Lizz’s extraordinary creative experience on her portfolio website, www.lizzsantos.com

Client Services Manager

Megan Hodges

I love the varied work and pace set by the other team members … you never know which city or venues you will end up in next week. I love the physical aspects of the job and the fun we all have with each other and our clients. A crazy ride, but by far one of the best ones to date!

Warehouse Assistant

Bridget Mackie

I’m super excited to have this opportunity to work at Cut the Mustard. I have a passion for anything creative and can’t wait to get amongst it!

Accounts and Office Manager

Jill Hawea

I can’t believe that jobs like this exist, where one moment you can be knee deep in Christmas baubles and the next it’s sorting out how to get the team to the other end of the country!

I am eager to absorb some artistic talents from the rest of the team – I don’t think stick figure drawing will ‘cut the mustard’!

Website & Media Designer

Kate Reese

I love being part of a team that consistently sets the standard in experiential design. The team at Cut the Mustard is highly motivated to produce outstanding experiences that are unique to each event. Their creative vision, fabulous organisation and endless enthusiasm makes for a fantastic group of mustard-cutters to work with!

Warehouse Seamstress

Barbara-Ann Field

I have been working with Lizz and the team for over 11 years and love the diversity of all the sewing projects. I love seeing all the small elements come together on the day. Snip, stitch and create … I’m sew Cut the Mustard!

Seasoned Crew

Jordyn Thomson

Over Summer, I started working at Cut the Mustard as a Crew Member, helping decorate Christmas trees all over the country. What a cool job! I got to work in many places I had never been before, meet heaps of cool new people (including MAFS NZ star, Samuel Levi), and do an awesome job that allows me to let my creative juices flow!

Seasoned Crew

Lily Abraham

It’s always fast paced at Cut the Mustard and I love the daily challenges thrown at me! Sometimes it’s hard work, but we always have fun even after a long day! Christmas is my favourite time; I love helping decorate all the unique trees all over New Zealand.