About Cut the Mustard

About Cut the Mustard

What We Do

Cut the Mustard creates captivating and unique event environments that engage the senses, achieving immersive and memorable experiences.

We carefully consider the potential and possibilities of your event space, including how people relate to and perceive the space. We consider the physical relationships between design elements, the science and distribution of colour, light and texture, and the fine balance of creative conceptualisation versus practical and technical obligations.

Experience design and production is our specialty and we strive to excel and evolve with each new project. At Cut the Mustard, our name is also our measure, constantly inspiring us to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and are working proactively to respond to global sustainability issues. We recognise that sustainable practices need to be embedded in the way we work, and believe that this will contribute to long term business success. Take a look at our Sustainability Statement.

Based in the outskirts of Wellington, we take care of creative needs in the region, not to mention Auckland and all around New Zealand. We strive to create experiences that exceed expectation.