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We are Leaders in
Experiential Design & Production

We push beyond the boundaries of conventional event design. It’s no longer just about creating a beautiful event space, but inventing a unique experience that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Our creative Cut the Mustard crew can make your vision a reality and bring your event to life!

Major Event ... Being Bold 2023
Product Launches ... Silver Fern Farms 2022Cut the Mustard Projects ... Product Launches
Awards Evenings ... Wellington Phoenix 2022Cut the Mustard Projects ... Awards Evenings
Gala Dinner ... Horticulture NZ Conference 2019Cut the Mustard Projects ... Gala Dinners
Exhibition Design ... Ernst and Young, BNS 2022Cut the Mustard Projects ... Exhibition Design
Conferences ... LGNZ Conference 2023Cut the Mustard Conferences