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Client: Tourism Association of New Zealand

Theme: TRENZ 2018

Venue: Edgar Centre, Dunedin

The Brief:
To create a new sustainable and cohesive design for various environments totalling almost 6000sq meters and make the look and feel different from the previous year.

The Challenge:
Working with a design that could successfully out do the previous year and cope with the vast expanse of this cavernous venue.

The Outcome:
Inspired by the Otago landscape and NZ bush we created various aerial designs using native ferns and greenery in 3-tiered chandeliers and hoop clusters. The size and placement of these helped to break-up the height of the venue and add style and softness to the bare structure. Floor sculptures of cubes and plants set the visual floorplan dotted with floor gardens reflecting the above greenery and structures. Lounges were subtly branded with coloured furniture specially made to follow the brand colours and dressed with beautiful objects and green accents.

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National Office +64 4 905 5404


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