Event Case Studies > WOW - World of Wearable Arts - WOW Hub 2018

Client: World of Wearable Arts

Theme: 30 years of WOW - Reflective Surfaces

Venue: TSB Arena - Wellington

The Brief:
To create an immersive experience for the visitors to WOW with a WOW factor.

The Challenge:
This exterior and interior space needed to hold over 3000 visitors a night and reflect the celebration of 30 years and the theme.

The Outcome:
The journey through 3 defined experiences and spaces was achieved using mirror in 3 distinct ways. The first exterior space based around the central diamond created a meeting space cocooned in light and space, sound and texture. The second space just inside the doors – the pyramid walkway was bathed in blue light and created splintered reflections off the walls and pyramid structures representing movement in an intimate space. The final experience was dominated with 3 giant chandeliers looming over the staircase sending shards and reflections over all the walls – the expanse of light and spotted light opened the mind to release.

National Office +64 4 905 5404 design@cutthemustard.co.nz

National Office +64 4 905 5404


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