Exhibition Design ... ICBC NZ Tea Booth 2019

Tea Booth 2019

CLIENT International China Bank Corp NZ
THEME Tea Time
VENUE Energy Events Centre, Rotorua

The Brief

To create an innovative EXPO stand that’s inviting and conducive to networking and creating business opportunities whilst also conveying the brand and ethos of ICBC.

The Challenge

The venue’s openness and proximity of other EXPO stands pushed us to create a space that was welcoming, functional and unique.

The Outcome

Using the essence of China through tea service and colour palette, and combined with project photography showcasing the important role ICBC plays in the Infrastructure platform, we created a space unique to their brand and requirements. Black slatted panels were used to divide the space and create a roof structure for lanterns and starry fairy lights. Uniformed serving staff were on hand to serve hot and cold tea throughout the event, making the experience that much more special. The stand came second runner-up in the competition for Best Stand by a very slim majority.