Product Launch ... Ballance Agri-Nutrients MitAgator Launch 2018

MitAgator Launch 2018

THEME MitAgator Geo-spatial Software Product
VENUE Te Papa, Rangitiki Rooms

The Brief

Present this new technology working in its natural environment. MitAgator is a breakthrough in geo-spatial software that helps farmers make cost effective decisions around reducing water contaminants on farm, making it possible to farm more sustainably without losing focus on productivity and profits.

The Challenge

The scope of this product relates to large scale farms. The challenge was to represent this in a small room in a concise and visual way.

The Outcome

As the product’s primary focus is on waterways, we created a central pond area with plants and dressing to represent fresh steams and rivers in New Zealand. On surrounding bar leaners, visuals from the software were printed and displayed on the tops of the furniture to show the software in action. Around the room, areas of sustainable native bush emphasised the environmental aspects of the farmland around our towns and cities.