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Inaugural Flight from Wellington to Melbourne

CLIENT Wellington Airport & Singapore Airlines
THEME Gold opulence
VENUE Domestic Terminal, Wellington Airport

The Brief

To create an event space and unique experience in the Domestic Terminal to hold a luncheon and special guests and announcements.

The Challenge

Creating a private space within the busy working airport which transports the guest into an intimate and beautiful space far removed from the surroundings.

The Outcome

We created a beautiful space with walls for privacy to house tables and a stage coupled with a private, yet dramatic, entrance to welcome guests to a truly special occasion. Having to judge the exact space required to hold not only the guests, but also the catering staff and technical staging for speeches. Keeping the outside walls neutral, giving the outer area elements a great background, the inside of the ‘box room’ was created as a stark contrast. Beautiful drapes and printed walls helped transport guests and focus on the windows and the aircraft on show.