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Designing space, whether it's a marquee, function room, warehouse apartment, commercial property or exhibition booth, involves the same design process, skill and understanding.

Cut the Mustard

This process considers the physical relationships between elements within a space, the science and distribution of colour, light and texture, the fine balance of creative conceptualisation vs practical and technical obligations. We support your choice to make sound decisions in relation to your project.

Whether transporting a guest to another time and place, creating a luxurious apartment environment, or a functional and stimulating themed event for staff and customers, we carefully consider how the space interacts with people and how people relate to and perceive the space.

In achieving our goal to forge a successful and dynamic company we fully exploit our creative and technical aptitude, wealth of ideas and energy to craft spaces that are unique, motivating and that meet the demands of those who use them.

Based in the outskirts of Wellington, we take care of creative needs in the region, not to mention Auckland and all around New Zealand. At Cut the Mustard our name is also our measure - it inspires us to greater creativity daily! Contact us now to find out how you can achieve a unique and engaging environment for your space.

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National Office +64 4 905 5404


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